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ViewnVivo is a miniaturised fluorescence endomicroscope platform
that brings the latest generation of Optiscan’s incredible in vivo imaging

capability and flexibility to Preclinical Research.

Don't get distracted or side-tracked.

Focus on the important things. In Vivo Imaging is all about the Captured Image.

Don't get half the picture.

Low Resolution and/or Bundled Fibre only captures half of the picture.

See what is actually there.

Don't go to all that effort and miss what is actually there. ViewnVivo lets you see it all.

Don't let software guess what's missing.

Software CANNOT create what does not exist, despite what you may be told.

Superior Optics

smallintestine 500 200

Capture High-Resolution real-time in vivo images with submicron detail and view them in stunning full-screen quality for faster Preclinical Research insights.

(Image courtesy of Researchers at University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.)

Optical Sectioning

0 - 400 microns 

Interrogate and analyse tissue as a truly 3D microscopic volume,
without moving or changing the probe.

Simply position the probe once and through the use of the interactive and continuously variable depth control (z-axis) you can capture all of the images you need as Optical sections and generate 3D visualisations that allow you to study and analyse your discovery.

(Please note that the effective imaging depth is dependant on the tissue.)

Puts you in control

ViewnVivo gives you the control and flexibility you need to get to the highest quality outcome as quickly as you can, and before someone else does.

No Probe Change

With ViewnVivo, you won’t need to change probes within a procedure, although you can change the probe form factor to suit the investigation, without the need to restart the system.  Unlike other technologies, with ViewnVivo you can dynamically adjust imaging parameters using a single probe enabling uninterrupted imaging.

Precise Depth Control

Interactive and continuously variable imaging depth control (z-axis), 0 – 400um, without the need to change the probe, provides precise optical sectioning and enables the isolation and capture of the structures and detectable events you need. Simply position the probe once and capture all of the images you need.

Never miss an Image

Capture Images and their associated meta-data on-demand even if your hands are full, or automatically as a series of image depths (z-stack).  Images can even be captured retrospectively from the live image stream through the ‘roll-back’ functionality.